Appreciation Party for Dean Chuang

The appreciation party was held on Sep. 21 at College of Hakka Studies. It was a special occasion not only to show the appreciation to the former Dean Chuang but also welcome Professor Liang-wen Kuo to undertake the position as the new acting dean of College of Hakka Studies.

Mostly all faculty had joined the appreciation party in order to show the gratitude to Dean Chuang for his devotion to College of Hakka Studies as well as striving for the financial support of the biggest virtual studio in Asia. Former dean Ying-chang Chuang served the position for six years. In this past six years, he tried to help College of Hakka Studies gain more space and resources which includes the building of College of Hakka Studies as Zhubei Campus. And it is also his devotion that the equipment in College of Hakka Studies will always be state-of-the-art.

In addition to most faculty joining the appreciation party, Professor Kuu-young Young from Institute of Electrical Control Engineering also showed up and show his appreciation to former dean Chuang for being support to Technology and Society Center. Besides, Former Dean Chuang always encourages students to go overseas to broaden their horizons which also are the efforts of the abundance opporunities for students of  College of Hakka Studies to become exchange students to lots of different universities overseas.

The succeeding acting Dean Kuo is the professor from Institute of Communication Studies. Also being a dean of Humanities and Social Studies and the president of Chinese Communication Society, one of the best academic association in communication field in Asia, Acting Dean Kuo is a renowned research and scholar in communication field. He is also the first chair of Department of Communication and Technology which makes him has a great connection with the College of Hakka Studies and  is willing to temporarily take charge of the position of dean of College of Hakka Studies. He admires what former Dean Chuang has done for College of Hakka Studies and entitles him “Dean of College of Hakka Studies forever!”

Former Dean Chuang now is the professor of Department of Humanities and Social Science and his specialties is the Anthropology of Hakka cultures.

Former Dean Chuang made a speech

Faculty of College of Hakka Studies