Prof. Tammy Lin Is Awarded the Top Papers of ICA

The assistant professor Tammy Lin has been awarded the prizes of the Game Interest Group Top papers in 2012 International Communication Association Annual Conference (ICA). There are two articles being recognized: one is The moderating role of the media interactivity on the relationship between video game violence and aggression and the mediating role of self-concept (first author); the other is Need satisfaction supportive game features as motivational determinants: An experimental study of a self-determination theory guided exergame (second author).

ICA is one of the most influential and important academic conferences in the world. Each year the event attracts lots of people who devote themselves in the communication fields to join. Professor Tammy Lin further explain what her papers are all about. Her paper is going to discuss relationship between media interactivity and media effects; that is, the psychological change during the playing of video games. In her study, she is going to know whether people who play the video games (high interactivity) will have more aggressive behavior than those who just watch the video game (low interactivity), and finds out the mediator in the whole relationship.

Professor Tammy Lin is new member of our faculty. Her research fields focus on entertainment media, media effects, video games research, etc.