Congratulations! Department of communication and technology of National Chiao Tung University was ranked world’ s top 200 best communication studies and media studies.

United Kingdom higher education research institution QS announced world’s top 200 universities according to 30 disciplines on 8th, May 2013.The institution conducted the research this year, including 1526 universities worldwide, 30 disciplines. In Taiwan, 14 universities, and 28 disciplines were on the list and ranked top 200.

  For communication and media studies, department of communication and studies of National Chiao Tung University was awarded top 200! The top1 to top five were as follows :University of California at Berkeley, the University of Texas at Austin, Columbia University, National University of Singapore, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

  UK higher education institutions QS has conducted research on world university rankings, cooperated with the most famous British newspaper Times and aimed at most authoritative universities worldwide. In 2012, QS and British newspaper Times stopped the partnership, start to launch ranking separately.

  In 2013, QS ranking indicators includes academic papers cited, the evaluation of the graduates employed, academic prestige, etc. Congratulations on department of communication and technology is honored on the list of top200 of the field of communication and media studies for the first time. The summary is as follows: