DCAT Serial Speech Lecture: Computational Communication Research: An Interdisciplinary Approach


Computational Communication Research: An Interdisciplinary Approach


Assistant Professor Tai-Quan Peng


May. 27 (Fri.) 12:10 p.m.-13:20 p.m.


HK115, College of NCTU


Computational social science (CSS) has recently emerged as a new paradigm of research across nearly all social sciences in general and communication in particular. CSS is a fundamentally interdisciplinary area, which draws on computational algorithms/methods from computer science and statistics and theoretical concepts/frameworks from various disciplines of social sciences.

In this talk, I would introduce several lines of research in my pursuit of CSS, which include multiplexity of communication and information networks, measurement validity assessment of digital footprints on social media, and dynamics of public attention on social media. These lines of research either count on interdisciplinary integration of theories/methods or involve direct interdisciplinary teamwork. Finally, I would conclude my talk by discussing how communication researchers can prepare ourselves for CSS and get substantial involvement in CSS.