Professor Ti Wei and the Revolutionary COMMagazine

COMMagazine: A Brand-new Media/Culture Criticism Magazine

It’s a state-of-art magazine talking about media/culture criticism 

The target audience of the magazine are mainly from age of 16 to 26, but in fact regardless of ages, audiences  who have a strong enthusiasm and passion to bring a revolution and progress to our  media/culture are all invited to this magazine.

It’s definitely a revolutionary magazine that has ever published in Taiwan and the effects it brings is still unpredictable, but there are 3As we sure about:

It’s not a Academic magazine. COMMagazine doesn’t contain so many intricate contents of theories. The magazine just provide some basic knowledge background to provide audiences some different and critical aspects to analyze contemporary media/culture phenomena .

It’s not an Art magazine. COMMagazine definitely doesn’t want to provide contents which bring an image of elitism. We’re trying to provide some profound, practical and insightful book review, film review and other text reviews which are interrelated with media/culture industries and social context.

It’s not an Advocacy magazine. COMMagazine doesn’t just provide one-dimensional contents which always talk about  corny media reformation. We’re trying to provide some motives and strength to those who concerned about media/culture in Taiwan by reporting and analyzing media/culture ecology, policies, people, reformation around the world.  

For those who are interested in this magazine, it’s already available in the office of Department of Communication and Technology.