Students Outstanding Performance on Hakkanese Proficiency Test


According to Hakkanese Proficiency Test report issued from the Concil of  Hakka Affair of the Executive Yuan, there are 14 students of College of Hakka Studies of NCTU who pass the basic level of Hakkanese Proficiency Test. Moreover, there’s a student who achieve the higher-intermediate level. It’s the first for College of Hakka Studies to have great student performance on Hakkese Proficiency Test 

 The faculty of College of Hakka Studies has been devoted to preserve the valuable Hakkanese language and design the language courses for students to learn and practice. The basic level of Hakkanese will let students understand the vocabulary of daily life and provide different stories and pop music for students to learn.

Mediate Course will teach the grammar, spelling and writing of Hakkanese in order to make students to communicate and write in fluent Hakkanese. 

College of Hakka Studies always encourage students to learn Hakkanese and provide incentive to for students who pass the Hakkanese Proficiency Test. Students who get top 2 of the Hakkanese language course will receive the scholarship of 3000 NTD. And for students who pass the Hakkanese proficiency Test can get the 2000 as Scholarship. 


2011 Hakkanese Proficiency Test Report (in chinese)

2010 Hakkanese Proficiency Test Report – Mediate Level (in chinese)

2010 Hakkanese Proficiency Test Report – Basic Level (in chinese)