DCAT speech-Streaming Videos and The Future of Online Video Audience Research


Topic: Streaming Videos and The Future of Online Video Audience Research
Speaker: Louisa Ha

Date: 2019/05/10 Fri.

Time: 12:10-13:20

Location: HK, College of NCTU HK115



Streaming videos are not just only a popular entertainment but an important self-learning tool for people and content marketing opportunity. YouTube has become a truly global video portal which is used by governments, media organizations, corporations and individuals to disseminate video content to reach local and worldwide audiences. What are the implications of YouTube and online videos for audience researchers? In this talk, Dr. Louisa Ha will review what we know about the digital natives’ use of online videos and discuss the five main research directions of online video audience research and the realization of the global village. This talk is based on her book, The Audience and Business of YouTube and Online Videos, published in 2018.


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