DCAT speech-The Dynamics of Media Information Processing, Choices, and Wellbeing


Topic:The Dynamics of Media Information Processing, Choices, and Wellbeing  

Speaker:Joyce Wang, Professor, The Ohio State University


Date: 2019/06/14 Fri.

Time: 12:10-13:20

Location: HK, College of NCTU HK115



Communication is complex and dynamic processes involving both exogenous and endogenous influences. In this talk, I will describe a theoretical framework and research paradigm called Dynamic Motivational Activation (DMA), which uses real-time data (e.g., psychophysiological measures, longitudinal experience sampling data) in conjunction with formal dynamic models to understand how people attend to, respond to, and select media in an adaptive way, and how these processes interplay with and impact our physical and psychological wellbeing. The DMA approach helps tease apart the influences of the exogenous variables (e.g., message content and design variables) and the endogenous variables (e.g., feedback effects of audience’s physiological, cognitive, and behavioral systems), and allow the study of their dynamic interactions over time. Several applications will be discussed, including identifying patterns of real-time attentional and emotional responses to media messages, and the impact of media multitasking on our wellbeing.


Brief Bio:

Zheng Joyce Wang (Ph.D. in Communications & Cognitive Science, Indiana University-Bloomington, 2007) is a Professor in the School of Communication, Translational Data Analytics, and Decision Science at the Ohio State University. One of her research foci is to study how people process and use media. In particular, she is interested in the dynamic reciprocal influences between media choice/use behavior and media processing. Another research focus is to understand contextual influences on decision, cognition, and communication by building new probabilistic and dynamic systems based upon quantum rather than classical probability theory. Her research has been continuously supported by U.S. National Science Foundation and Department of Defense. Currently she serves as the Chair for Information Systems Division of International Communication Association, and the Associate Editor for Journal of Communication.


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