DCAT Serial Speech Lecture:Pixels of People – Gaming and the Network Model of Self


Pixels of People – Gaming and the Network Model of Self


Prof. Jaime Banks


Nov. 24 (Thu.) 13:20 p.m.14:20 p.m.


HK115, College of NCTU


As we begin to better understand the interplays between in-game experiences and everyday life, it is important to examine how players’ sense of self emerges across various digital and physical spaces. This presentation offers a theoretical model for how the self emerges as a complex assemblage of many different kinds of objects (physical/digital, material/immatieral) across game and non-game spaces. Then, in line with this model, an analytical method will be recommended for analyzing Self-networks, which combines principles from phenomenology, actor-network theory, and grounded theory analyses. Finally, an example application of this approach will be offered, showing exploratory data outlining the ways that some players construct an ideal gender by assembling symbolic avatar components into a representative body.

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