DCAT Serial Speech Lecture:The Potential Impact of Digital Audiences on Gaming Performance


The Potential Impact of Digital Audiences on Gaming Performance


Prof. Nicholas David Bowman


Nov. 24 (Thu.) 12:10 p.m.13:10 p.m.


HK115, College of NCTU


As far back as the late 1800s, social psychology has established that the presence of spectators when performing a task can have a dramatic impact on task performance. The so-called “social facilitation effect” argues that the presence of others serves as an energizing force, increasing our arousal and thus, encouraging us to exert increased effort to complete a task. For skilled individuals, this audience-inspired increased effort leads to greater task performance; for less-skilled individuals, increased effort can decrease performance. Recently, scholars have attempted to expand the scope of social facilitation research to understanding video game performance, and have found that physically present players impact individual performance. In his talk, Dr. Bowman will discuss the implications of social facilitation theory for understanding how the presence of a digital audience – the audience of game streaming videos – might also be expected to impact player performance, and the consequences of these implications for how we understand game streaming.

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