City University of Hong Kong Marko Skoric speech:Facebook and politics’ link

 The Associate Professor Marko Skoric of City University of Hong Kong (Department of Media and Communication), sharing his research which he observed Asians’ political action on the media, and thus presumably local citizen participation.

Political stance influences the behavior on Facebook

    Skoric analyzed people acts on the facebook during major political events in Hong Kong and Singapore. He found that strong political supporter blockade user who has opposite opinions, refused to receive relevant information.


Political action on Facebook would promote citizen participation

    While social media allows people to receive different information, promote citizen participation. However, when certain political action appear, it lead more high homogeneity environment which people created.


His study is novel and profundity, inspiring students of DCT

    “Many times, we will not consciously blockade posts which we disagree on facebook, it may cause us to show greater political participation.” He also said that the students shared related research theme with him, giving him new ideas and inspiration.