Final Year Project – Media Infinity


  ”Mei Wuan Mei Liao” the theme of final year project of class of 2012 undergradute program, is the homonym of endless or so-called infinity. Nowadays, the information explosion can be seen everywhere in our lives. Also the ways information being carried can be diverse including texts, graphics and even multimedia way. As the result, the development of the media convergence will be a endless process to observe.

  Also,”Mei Wuan Mei Liao” with characters “wuan(玩, Play) and “Liao(瞭, understand)” means the process of interaction with media can let us understand more about details and unknown spects of it. In other words, commmunication is not just about one-way but two-way or more interaction between media and audience and this pheonomonon could be seen more frequently in today’s life which also becomes our main theme this year.

  The final year project this year want to state that media is not just media but a carrier what we can everyone’s ideas, messages graphics and texts, design in diverse and creative ways.

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