Professor Robert F. Potter talks about Sound associated with automatic focus mechanism

Robert F. Potter, a director of communication department of Indiana University, giving a talk with NCTU students. The speech was themed with automatic focus mechanism and the influence of media.


Sound power

Potter research on media messages and cognitive processes, and focus on the sound characteristics for the cognitive and emotional reactions. He has worked in radio marketing department. His supervisor requirements change music every thirty seconds in advertising. The reason is that changing the background music can attract the audience’s attention. Hence, potter wants to confirm these commercial principles through academic study.

Automatic focus mechanism

Potter mentioned two kinds of focus mechanisms. One is that people are aware of their focus; another is that people cannot control their concentration, the duration is very short, and the mostly changes come from external environment. The latter, namely automatic focus mechanism is related to oriented response. He study people’s reaction of external thing.

Potter used rich sound and facial expression in his speech, let the students impressed.